Established in 2017 for our 60th anniversary, the World Design Medal honours an individual who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the industrial design profession. 

The World Design Medal recognizes the impact one individual has had on their peers, in their local design community and internationally.

In 2022, WDO will look to recognize a second individual with this medal in celebration of their design legacy. Following a public nomination process, a selection committee consisting of WDO Board Members and Senators will evaluate the nominations and select the recipient.  

The inaugural 2017 World Design Medal was presented to German industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger at the 30th World Design Assembly in Torino.

This special merit was created to

  1. Should have significantly contributed to raising the profile of the industrial design profession
  2. Should have contributed a body of work with global reach
  3. Body of work should demonstrate a significant and positive impact on the economic, social, cultural, and/or environmental quality of life
  4. Should be available to give an acceptance speech with a focus on ‘design for a better world’

The selection committee for the World Design Medal will consist of WDO’s 2022-2023 Board of Directors and Senators

11 May

Submission deadline

16 May – 1 June

Selection process

29 June

Announcement of recipient on World Industrial Design Day™

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