Future Ways of Living (FWoL) Series is an ongoing collaborative design exploration started by the Institute without Boundaries (IwB) at George Brown College (GBC). The initial project with Meet the Media Guru (MTMG), Milan debuted at Expo 2015. FWoL is focused on investigating and visualizing how emerging technologies will transform the way we live in the near future. As technology becomes more accessible and pervasive within our lives, our economy and the products, services and systems we interact with on a daily basis will evolve. 

Future Ways of Living is both a research method and a call to action developed to foster anticipatory design. As a research method, it aims to investigate and visualize the past and present forces shaping society, which inform an understanding of potential futures. As a call to action, it challenges us to inspire, imagine and create what ought to be, rather than what exists. This approach encourages the development of tangible design outcomes that can contribute to more responsible, humane, sustainable, democratic, and resilient futures.

To date, two previous iterations of the Series have successfully engaged over 1000 professionals, students, faculty and stakeholders in wide range of investigative activities.

The current project, Post-COVID-19 / Future Ways of Living Project will build on this foundation and apply our interdisciplinary design thinking methodology to create solutions in partnership with municipalities around the world and help create a stronger more resilient post-COVID-19 future.