Gwangju (South Korea) – The 2015 International Design Congress (2015 IDC) will be held in Gwangju (South Korea) from 17 – 23 October 2015. From more than 70 countries, 3,000 professionals and organisations including world-renowned designers and representatives from design-related organisations are expected to participate in this international event, one of the largest of the design field. With a new site launched at the beginning of May, the congress programme has been unveiled to include many experts in industrial, communication and interaction design.

The 2015 IDC is co-hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan City and Korea Craft and Design Foundation, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and will be an occasion for communication where academia, professionals, NGOs, communities, government organisations will gather and discuss global issues and changes. The 2015 IDC is pursuing an open congress format, where the speakers, audience, design professionals, and public will be involved and actively participate in discussions and decision-making processes.

Theme: “Eeum. Design Connects”

The theme for the congress in anchored in its desire to have representatives from all design disciplines, as well as related fields. The ambition is to create a participatory platform to strengthen sustainable innovation, participation and collaboration with various social entities through design.


When inviting speakers to participate in the congress, the organising committee sought out experts and leaders in the field who will help create objectives and navigate a blueprint for the future of our discipline. The full programme can be viewed here.

Keynote speeches

Keynote speakers, Victor Margolin, Emeritus of Design History, University of Illinois; Bernd Schmitt, Professor, Columbia Business School, Columbia University and Rachel Cooper, Professor, Lancaster University will touch on the future of the design industry. Discussing the development of technology and how it impacts society, these speakers will address how design evolves and copes with changes to exterior factor.

Parallel Sessions

In the afternoons of the first two days, there will be in-depth discussions about key issues and challenges in each design discipline. The congress participants may attend sessions covering visual, industrial, interior, service or interaction design. These sessions will be lead by experts in their field from all parts of the world.

City Culture Design Summit

On the third day of the congress, the audience is invited to actively contribute their ideas and opinions on the design challenges and opportunities raised during the first two days. The City Culture Design Summit will propose a unified direction of the role and function of design in the future, emphasising the benefit to citizens and rapidly urbanising cities, like Gwangju.

Innovation City: Gwangju

Though advanced research conducted by experts and focus groupes, design will be discussed in the context of the City of Gwangju, examining the co-existence of history, culture, citizens and urban life.

Academic Conference

An academic conference will take place on 17-18 October at the Asia Cultural Complex and Chonnam National University in Gwangju. The theme of this conference centers on the idea of design thinking. The Korean Society of Design Science (KSDS), the Asia Digital Art and Design Association (ADADA) and Cumulus are currently accepting papers, posters and doctoral colloquium submissions.

20 June 2015: Deadline for Full-Paper submission
4 July 2015: Deadline for Poster submission
25 July 2015: Notification of acceptance
21 August 2015: Final paper submission
24 August 2015: Doctoral Colloquium

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