Laura Cristina Figueroa Alcocer

Colegio de Profesionistas en Diseño de México, A.C. (COLDI.MX)


Professional Member

Statement of intent

I currently have the privilege of presiding over El Colegio de Profesionistas en Diseño de México A.C./COLDI.MX, Mexico’s official design professional body. For decades, this organization has persistently strived to embed the significance of Design within Mexico’s political, social, and economic landscape. The purpose has been to generate more opportunities and credibility for designers, so that they can collaborate in crafting the products, services, systems, and experiences that will shape a more inclusive, innovative, and sustainable future for our country, in alignment with the UN SDGs. However, getting the authorities and policy makers on board has proven to be a challenging task.

Being elected a board member of the WDO would present a unique opportunity for me to magnify our reach and interactions with local government bodies. Furthermore, it will enable us to integrate Mexican and Latin American design entities into WDO’s global initiatives. This concerted effort has the potential to deepen insights and spread awareness of the social impact of investment in design, particularly when confronting complex challenges such as violence against women and children, environmental degradation, and social vulnerability in developing countries.

Our aspirations call for the convergence of designers across diverse specialties and fields of expertise. This requires design bodies and professionals to join forces in order to foster a culture of multidisciplinary collaboration and open innovation within our ecosystem. As president of COLDI.MX, I have succeeded in incorporating nine new design professions into the association, transforming it into a true representative of design.

  • I.D. specialized in furniture design and manufacture.
  • Presiding, for the third time, COLDI.MX board of directors.
  • Graphic and ind. design advisor, and a 3rd party expert in discord for the Mexican Federal Court of Justice Administration.
  • Product designer for the Mexican Ministry of Tourism and the Airports & Services government agency.
  • President of the Professional Mexican Design Body / COLDI.MX
  • Es.Diseño Design Firm (Owner and Director)
  • 3rd Party Expert in Discord for the Mexican Federal Court of Justice Administration

Bachelor degree in Design, Nacional Autonomous University of México (UNAM), 1977.

  • Spanish
  • English