Interdesign East Germany 1979

Playgrounds in Residential Areas

With a focus on playgrounds in residential areas, this Interdesign was organized by the AIF – Amt für Industrielle Formgestaltung, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the GDR and the Finnish Association of designers ORNAMO. Taking place from 12 – 26 August in the Bauhaus Dessau, the event was part of the larger cooperation between AIF and ORNAMO in the framework of the Child Environment programme, which encouraged the exchange of science and technology between Germany and Finland. 

The event brought together 29 designers from 10 countries, as well as 6 local students. Participants were organized into five groups, with experts in architecture, pedagogy and industry on hand to support the groups. The Interdesign addressed two projects: the first concerning the development of playground equipment and the second explored the value of recreational activities on children’s health and well-being. 

The resulting 20 projects were showcased in an exhibition to government and local authorities, where the mayor of Dessau promised to implement the most relevant designs within the community.