Interdesign East Germany 1990

Toys for children’s rehabilitation

As a contribution to UNESCO’s Project No.079 of the World Decade for Cultural Development, the Bauhaus in Dessau hosted an Interdesign exploring the role of toys in the rehabilitation of children. The Board of Industrial Design (AIF – Amt fur Industrielle Formgestaltung), in collaboration with the Union of Artists and the Bauhaus, was responsible for the event, which was held from 10- 21 September 1990. 

Twenty-four participants from 9 countries were divided into four groups to address different aspects of the theme, including toys promoting active discovery, toys promoting constructive activities, toys for promoting role-playing and the manufacturing of toys. 

The initiative produced over 30 projects, 26 of which have been the subject of design patent applications. The projects that emerged were also shown in a traveling exhibition set up in Dessau, which then went on to other German cities, including Erfurt, Berlin, Munich and Worpswede.