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Please note that not all events listed here are endorsed by WDO.

Livable Proximity: A Design-Orienting Scenario

Atlanta (USA) Atlanta, United States

Georgia Tech's School of Industrial Design (SID) hosts a series of SID Open Talks. As a part of this Open Talk series, Ezio Manzini will give a lecture on city design. The lecture discusses this scenario of proximity, showing how it has emerged from the grassroots social innovations of the past 20 years, and how, […]

2023 Butter Goeller Design Affair

The Ohio State University Department of Design is hosting a public lecture that kicks off the annual Butter Goeller “Design Affair”. Anne Asensio, Vice President of Design Innovation & Experience at WDO Member Organization Dassault Systèmes, will be giving a public lecture, Design for Life, on Wednesday, 22 March, in Sullivant Hall 220 at 5:30pm […]

Karim Rashid at Palazzo delle Esposizioni

WDO Member Cappelli Identity Design presents a lecture on design and changing the world through beauty at Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome) featuring renowned designer Karim Rashid, who will share his musings on contemporary design. Lecture will be opened by Emanuele Cappelli, founder and creative director of Cappelli Identity Design. WDO Member: Cappelli Identity Design  

HKDI inspire* 2023 : Towards a Sustainable Design

Hong Kong (China)

Design is an important driver of innovation, creation, production, consumption and transformation towards a sustainable world. Organized by Hong Kong Design Institute, this event will take place from 3 to 5 May 2023 and bring together sustainability experts from Hong Kong and Switzerland to explore the future of sustainable design through a series of hybrid lectures […]

Design Talk 3rd June – Asma Mehan – Urbanism in the Era of Radical Transition

United States , United States

On this Design Talk titled the Era of Radical Transitions, Asma Mehan will explore shifts in urban planning, design, and development post-industrial, energy, and health crises. This interdisciplinary study examines urban transformation, sustainable practices, and innovative governance. Investigating economic restructuring, fossil fuel transition, and pandemic lessons, Asma Mehan will offer insights for equitable, sustainable, and […]

BEDA Design Forum 2023

Copenhagen (Denmark) Copenhagen, Denmark

Join this important conversation at the BEDA Design Forum 2023 in Copenhagen. Based on inspirational talks, the event will explore crucial design and leadership skills needed to secure the future design sector.  Speakers include: Christian Bason CEO - Danish Design Center, Lisa Lang Director Policy & EU Affairs Orchestrator - EIT Climate KIC, Oskar Stokholm Østergaard Design & Future […]

Design Talk 16 June – Emanuele Cappelli – Brand Design


Cappelli Identity Design's vision emphasizes design linked to people, time, and cultural evolution. It values diversity, knowledge, and identity enrichment. The Dynamic brand methodology centers individuals in corporate communication, fostering authentic relationships and values. Taught globally, represented by Cappelli Identity Design Studio, and featured in a 2022 book by Skira. WDO Member: ArchiNet

HKDI Master Lecture Series “Nuovo Design Italiano”

Hong Kong SAR , Hong Kong

Themed “Nuovo Design Italiano”, HKDI Master Lecture Series 2023 is part of the year-long festival “Viva Italia” to give participants a holistic view of Italian design culture and an in-depth understanding of its characteristics and the latest developments. HKDI has invited Italian design academics from Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) to delve deep into various […]

Do you have an upcoming design event that you would like to post on our calendar? Send us your event information by filling our form.

Please note that not all events listed here are endorsed by WDO.