Interdesign Mumbai 2014

5-19 February 2014

Under the theme of ‘Humanising a Metropolis’, the 2014 Icsid Interdesign sought to address some of the social and infrastructure challenges facing the growing city of Mumbai (India). In order to yield more tangible solutions during the two-week workshop (from 5-19 February 2014), the Interdesign focused on the Matunga locality situated in the central part of Mumbai.

Matunga is the northern part of a planned precinct characterised by low-rise residential areas, learning areas, defined green and urban spaces. With time, the precinct has changed drastically and has emerged as an educational hub with a sizeable demographic of approximately 50 000 students. The social and infrastructure services to support this academic environment have developed organically as a result and with a reduced percentage of open space. Finding innovative ways to deal with the changing fabric was the challenge of the Icsid Interdesign under the following of sub-themes: university township; learning experience; shelter for out-of-town students; health care; nutrition; financial security; markets by the students and for the students; eco-friendly transportation; and entertainment & leisure.

In a partnership with Icsid, the Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research’s WeSchool led the Interdesign workshop, aiming to find lasting and practical solutions to some of the design problems the region is facing. Many of the design challenges and their solutions could later be applied in other Indian metropolises and other international emerging economies.


The 2014 Icsid Interdesign Mumbai presented a unique working environment and inspiring opportunity for participants to develop creative solutions for a serious problem. Through innovative research and collaborative work, participants shared professional experience in an attempt to present solutions that will be adapted to the physical and cultural needs of the inhabitants. For the participating designer, the ‘humanising a metropolis’ initiative was a multi-disciplinary event to transfer, as well as expand professional expertise.

Participation in the Interdesign was based on an application process. 40 individuals (20 international and 20 from India) with different design competences participated in the workshop. In addition to this, there was a number of expert advisors and support personnel on-site to facilitate the workshop.

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