Interdesign Austria 1975

Safety in Winter Sports, Local Identity at Serfaus, Serfaus (Austria)

6-20 April 1975

Fifteen designers from fifteen different countries and five Austrian designers participated in this Interdesign. The event was organised by Osterreichisches Institut Für Formgebung (OIF) and was sponsored by the Serfaus community and local authorities.


Local Identity

At the time, Serfaus and the surrounding region (Comperdell) wished to establish an image of their own taking into consideration the characteristics of the area, climate, local traditions, and, on the other hand, tourism and sports requirements principally in the winter.

Safety in Winter Sports

Problems such as area development, traffic signals and auxiliary equipment were addressed. A special task was to provide a solution to catering needs in skiing areas.

Proposals were made regarding architecture, quality, tools/folk art, people/tourists, ecology/natural history. For example, recommendations included preservation of old mural paintings, and local buildings that were badly eroded, defining the limits of Serfaus while maintaining the character of the district, planting more trees, and making more information on the history of Serfaus readily accessible, particularly to foreigners.