Interdesign Austria 1979

Design Innovations for Sport and Recreation in Summer for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Vienna (Austria)

18-29 June 1979

The Interdesign was organised by the Austrian Institute for Design (OEIF) and was sponsored by the Austrian Ministry of Commerce Crafts and Industry, as well as the Institute for Economic Development of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce (WIFI). Fifteen foreign designers were joined by eight Austrian designers and divided into two main groups. One group addressed the subject of land and summer time leisure activities, where as the other addressed the subject of water and summer time leisure activities associated with it.

Among the suggestions made was a new concept for a windbreaker, rucksack design, a bicycling outfit with removable arms and legs, a rainy day game/activities box for children, and a making use of the T-bar lift for elderly to go down ski slopes in the summer yet light enough to carry up the ski lifts, etc.