Interdesign Canada 2007

World House Interdesign Forum, Toronto (Canada)

24-30 June 2007

Leading design experts, design educators and students from around the world joined the Institute without Boundaries at George Brown College to debate issues regarding the design of sustainable housing, water management, conservation and community development. In this Interdesign Forum, the flow of this fundamental resource was remapped, with focus on its trail into and out of our dwellings and communities, and balancing its impact on other systems such as air, waste, food and energy.


Port Perry: Urban Docks

The goal was to create a community plan that establishes how the development site will connect with the existing urban fabric and adjacent lands. The plan was to ensure a responsible, mutually reliant connection between industry and nature that would strengthen Port Perry’s identity, and would be a replicable example for other municipalities. The group proposed growth through intensification, reinstating residents’ relationship with land and water, and housing of local economies.

Toronto Waterfront

The task was to design a water feature for the Jarvis slip that promotes awareness of storm water management and water conservation, while also treating storm and waste water from the area, and returning it to Lake Ontario. The group proposed reconnecting the public to the waterfront both physically and spiritually, create an identity for water, create a water park that will educate and entertain.

Downsview Park: Toronto’s Backyard

The goal was to help Downsview Park manifest its vision as Canada’s National urban park and achieve its mandate for sustainability. This was to be achieved with designs for landscape and sculptural features, temporary structures and educational curriculum that the Park could use for school, family and corporate programs. Design proposals emphasised the importance of communication the vision, transit advertisements for “Toronto’s Backyard”, creating a promenade that catches attention, facilitating community life, and a market plaza, among others.

Mount Dennis: A Community Company

The task was to create a plan, business model and vision statement for a community hub that will engage and interact with local residents of all generations and cultures. The group proposed building hubs, and bridges, essentially to think big, start small, and scale fast.

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