Interdesign Colombia 1994

Crafts as a Source of Interior Design, Bogotá (Colombia)

7-20 December 1994

This Interdesign was focused on the development of innovative ideas through which Colombia’s local crafts industries could position their products within domestic and international markets. Thirty Colombian artisans, along with twenty local designers and twelve internationally recognised experts were divided into ten separate work groups.


The Myth of Coffee

Coffee is the most renowned product that is derived from Colombia, however, elements of coffee tasting rituals have not been explored The group devised a strategy to rescue this tradition through focus on design and marketing.

Bedroom and Bathroom Furniture

The essence of this theme was to emphasise the richness of natural material through innovation of design by using cultural symbols that are found in non-traditional products.

Lighting and Table Accessories: Home’s Central Place

Fire was the central focus of this theme.

Textile, Utopian Icons: Essence of Cultures, A Mystery, A Rescue

The iconography of pre-Colombian symbols i.e. objects, materials, and colours, were scrutinised. It was said that “Utopian icons” give visual essence to pieces.

Furniture: Subtraction and Simplicity of Form

It was said that simplicity of an original piece of furniture can be enhanced with the detailing of traditional crafts. Modular boxes, doors, chairs and curtains were enhanced with delicacy contributed by a craftsman.

Crafts of Light: Boyaca, Land of Contrast

Through emphasis of form and figure, the main idea was that of enhancing design through using contrast. It was also said that light is a useful element that can serve as a base for the designing of any system.

Table and Kitchen Accessories: Appliance as Reflection of Tradition, Energy and Emotion

The concept of “Cho-cone-le” was discussed, which concerned tables within a kitchen setting and its functionality in a home or a self-service restaurant. This concept also includes the harmonious matching between cutlery, chairs, and table, which in essence, is meant to reflect the tradition, energy, and emotion of an object. Also, traditional pre-Colombian drawings applied with Pasto varnish and “Putumayo mopa-mopa” techniques were used.

Furniture: Conversation, Relaxation

This theme promoted the concept of creating the ideal atmosphere in a room which encourages conversation and relaxation among inhabitants and visitors alike.

New Atmosphere: Rituals From Kitchen to Table, “The City of Fire”

Emphasis was on creating ambiance and atmosphere in the home, primarily by incorporating a basic element such as fire into everyday life (i.e. through means of a fireplace).

Lighting: The Colour of Coffee

This theme focused on application of macro-decoration lighting systems in order to enhance exterior and interior settings.