Interdesign Finland 1992

Source of Innovation, Inari, Arctic Forest (Finland)

16-30 November 1992

The Interdesign was held during Kaamos, a Finnish word used to describe the last and darkest season of the year. The event was organised by the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi in conjunction with the University of Industrial Arts, Helsinki, and the Finnish Association of Designers (Ornamo). The focus of the Interdesign was to develop new concepts and innovations for protecting the natural environment by reducing the amount of raw materials exploited so as to ensure its continued existence as a source of livelihood for local inhabitants. On that note, there was also a need for increased employment opportunities for the locals, allowing a balanced development of Lapland.


  • Material inspired solutions – material technology: laminating, bending, traditional and modern machining, new material combinations etc.
  • Furniture solutions: new design proposals for furniture manufacturers
  • Product design in housing
  • Street, parks, and playgrounds: product innovation for one or two manufacturers
  • The best of traditional joinery skills: new design solutions in boats, sledges and interior design to ensure their continuing viability, still present
  • Building of campsites and open huts in the wilderness
  • Aesthetic values of the Arctic forest: its relevance for human well-being

An example of a working group’s design criteria

The aim was to create a versatile activity structure system for children which include activities that allow freedom of play (i.e. hanging, rocking, swinging) and association among children, where the frame of the structure system is a durable module measured pergola system, incorporates shapes and colours that could be adjusted to different cultural surroundings all over the world.