Interdesign France 1986

Rendez-Vous with Interactivity, Paris (France)

19 September – 11 October 1988

This Interdesign was organised by the Agence pour la Promotion de la Creation Industrielle (APCI), Ecole Nationale Superieure de Creation Industrielle (ENSCI), and in collaboration with Carrefour International de la Communication (CICOM). It gathered thirty-four participants from twenty countries with the aim of examining the designer’s role in interactivity. The task of the designers, assisted by experts from many different disciplines, was to anticipate and define new applications for interactive systems, and to suggest products and systems integrated in the environment in which these future systems will operate. Seeing that the aim was to go beyond simply making propositions on technological issues, the workshop was to be approached in keeping the following in mind:


  • To analyse and evaluate existing applications of interactivity in France and abroad.
  • To anticipate and analyse future needs and usages .
  • To define new concepts and services aimed both at individual and public use.


The seven groups were to explore their topics from different angles such as recreation, leisure, commerce, money traffic, production, conception, health, security, education, information, culture, creativity, and art. The designers had proposed the introduction of interactive enterprises, firms, boutiques, public spaces, and interactive social locations. There was strong emphasis on automation, and video-conferencing.