Interdesign Hungary 1988

Design and Information Technology, Esztergom (Hungary)

18 September – 1 October 1988

Twenty-six designers from twelve countries participated in this Interdesign that was organised by the State Office for Technical Development-Bureau of the Hungarian Council of Industrial Design, The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry.


The theme, ‘Design and Information Technology’, sought to answer the question “how could design cope with the challenge of information technology expansion?” At the time, it was affirmed that incorporation of IT products had not been successful, particularly for computerised workplaces equipped with visual display units. There were four main approaches to the problem.


  • To study the basic ergonomic situations of computer workstations from the point of view design.
  • To outline the basic structures and construction
  • To elaborate system construction concepts through designing modular and variable system elements.
  • To elaborate a concept for the computer system based upon the expected development of information technology.

The emphasis was on three aspects: control rooms, office automation, and CAD workstations.