Interdesign Ireland 1974

Design in the Post Office, Kilkenny (Ireland)

10-13 August 1974

This Interdesign aimed to tackle the problem of “Design in the Post Office” and was organised by Josine des Cressonnieres, Ake Huldt, James King, Mary V. Mullin, and W.H. Walsh. The aim of this workshop was to propose various means of increasing post office convenience for the general public. In short, it was an attempt to align its function of communication with the image it was communicating to the people of Kilkenny, Ireland. A total of twenty-four students (twelve design students from Benelux and Scandinavia, and twelve design students from Irish schools) were made to visit five representative post offices to ascertain the situation, and then form working groups in which to prepare drawings and proposals.


  • Graphics which includes all that is printed and issued by the post office,
  • Post office architecture, which includes interior decoration, layout, furnishings and equipment.