Interdesign Mexico 1996

Design Strategies for Regional Development. Cuernavaca (Mexico)

14-26 October 1996

The main organisers of the Interdesign were the Government of the State of Morelos and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The aim of the workshop was to explore new alternatives and fields of action for industrial design and its contribution to the development of non-industrialised regions. Seventy-five participants from around the world attended the Interdesign.


  • To propose design strategies that contribute to the development of the Morelos Region.
  • To develop concepts for the conservation, renewal, and enhancement of the cultural, historical and environmental patrimony of the region.
  • To develop design concepts to increase the quality of urban design elements used for information, communication and identity, in order to improve tourism in the region.
  • To develop innovative concepts for typical products of the region, considering cultural factors as well as identity, packaging and other marketing elements oriented towards export quality.

Some specific requirements included: devising concepts of identity for tourism sites, new tourism attractions, public information and communication in the city of Cuernavaca, and enhancing the urban environment of Cuernavaca.

Also, in terms of increasing competitiveness of regional products in the international markets, participants were required to devise strategies for the promotion of quality design in the handicrafts sector, design strategies for the corporate identity of new local industries and agriculture in the state of Morelos, devise product concepts based on locally developed technologies, and concepts for the flower production sector.