Interdesign 1974 Ontario, Canada

Industrial Design and Small Communities

August 1974

The event was organised by the Association of Canadian Industrial Designers (ACID) and sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, Government of Ontario, (Canada). This was the first Interdesign to be held in the western hemisphere.

William Sloan, President of ACID, called the project, “a search for an alternative to the rapid growth of large cities by improving the economic and environmental character of smaller communities to make them more attractive for living and working”.

Industrial Design and Small Communities’ focused on the problems faced by small communities affected by the rapid growth of large cities. The designers addressed themselves to the human needs of the area and investigated the possibilities for new local manufacturing industries through the application of industrial design, the extension of service industries, sound development of the tourist and recreational economy, and improvement in community amenities.

The area chosen was the Port Hope – Cobourg area of Southern Ontario, which covers some 500 square kilometres and is, situated about 100 kilometres east of the City of Toronto. The population of Port Hope at the time was 8,700 and Cobourg’s population was 10,700.

35 designers from 26 countries took part in the event.