Interdesign South Korea 1999

Design for Body and Mind, Seoul (South Korea)

22 June – 11 July 1999

Thirty designers from Korea and twenty-one designer from abroad met in Korea to find solutions to a variety of themes. The Interdesign ‘99, organised by the Korean Association of Industrial Designers, explored the possibilities of applying traditional East Asian design paradigm of “Body and Mind Non-Dualism’ to contemporary design practice. The challenge of the workshop was to connect the past to the positive spirit of our age.


  • To explore the alternative design paradigm beyond two concepts of modern design theory, Functionalism and Formalism in the light of traditional East Asian approach to design as an inseparable entity of an experiential whole.
  • To investigate the possibilities of developing new design language on the basis of “Body and Mind in Oneness”.
  • To contribute to the humanistic design, giving people an opportunity to cultivate and appreciate their full faculties of both body and mind.


Communication, Delivering the Emotion

This area of interest saw for the development of an education quality feedback system, a short-range car-to-car communication system, and a family presence indication system.


The goal of this group was to develop a model of design education, allowing for the development of alternative approaches to design education in the twenty-first century. Proposals included:

  • Better marketing improves politics of design
  • Development of local industry needs developed industrial design
  • Promotion of inner motivation
  • Emphasis on discipline from social activity
  • Teaching students the art of communicate ideas
  • Providing students with professional, marketable skills


As a main staple of most countries through history, rice is loved and widely used. It also lends itself to various cooking methods enabling the development of various dishes. Using this common ingredient, each member of the group created a new dish for which each member of the group also designed plates and utensils needed to serve/eat the food that was created. Individual creations included: “Volcano Rice”, “Fast Rice”, “Heart of Communication”, “Bed of Kimbob” to name a few.

Healthcare: Harmonious Healing – The Development of Tools & Space
The primary focus of this group was to find holistic design approaches by combining the medical practices of the East and West. The development of equipment and environment was said to be the first step for a new order in the field of medicine.


The group had to discuss the general context of daily life in the future. Various ideas included the “Roller-pole”, “Escargo”, a means for genuine sport driving for body and mind, a “Sled-track”, and “Oriental running space”.

Work & Leisure

Emphasis was on returning to nature which in East Asian philosophy, is seen as a source of meditation for body and mind.