Interdesign Sweden 1984

Fun Fair of the Future, Furuvik (Sweden)

12-24 August 1984

The Swedish Professional Designers organisation (SID), in association with the community of Gaevle initiated the seminar that gathered twenty-seven industrial designers from ten countries to work on the theme ‘Fun Fair of the Future’. The practical connection was Furuvik Fun Fair Park run by the community of Gaevle. The basic intention was to incorporate creative flare within the practical situation and development of Furuvik Park. Eight respective groups focused on different areas involving Furuvik Park.


Group I: Audiovisual communication in and around the park
Group II: Ideas for new pleasure activities and attractions
Group III: Ideas for new pleasure activities and attractions
Group IV: Park environment entrances, equipment, street furniture
Group V: Transportation of people and suppliers in the park
Group VI: Souvenirs
Group VII: The water gardens
Group VIII: The winter gardens