Interdesign Yugoslavia 1990

Living and Working Environment, Nova Gorica (Yugoslavia)

2-17 July 1990

Held in the city of Nova Garcia in Yugoslavia, this Interdesign hosted fifteen foreign designers from twelve countries, and thirteen Yugoslav designers.


The theme was ’Living and Working Environment’, in which the focus was on the furniture industry as it was in need of humanisation.


Environments for the preparation and consumption of meals

A working surface for food preparation at home. It is required to make better use of working surfaces in the kitchen, along with kitchen appliances.
Intake of food in the kitchen: problem of food consumption under quick pace of everyday life and comparatively small flats.
Intake of food in a special room: dining room at home or in a guest list.

Child’s environment from 0–12 years old and teenagers

From birth to the tenth year of life, a period when a child changes his habits essentially every year, when he/she gets taller and his/her requirements grow with every year of age.
From the tenth year onwards, the child develops from his/her childhood into the age of puberty, then into adolescence. He/she starts developing the needs of an adult, but still lacking in independence.

Sleeping and leisure units (various functions)

Multi-purpose furniture element for sleeping, illness, reading, and designing of functional lights.
Sleeping facilities should meet the requirements regarding quality, ergonomics, and function.

Furniture elements as resting facilities

Facilities for daily rest at homes and in public places.

Garden furniture and equipment (home and public places)

  • Public buildings, i.e. guesthouses, parks.
  • Home, i.e. garden, balcony.
  • Transport and storage have to be taken into consideration.

The workshop closed with an exhibition of the results at the Meblo furniture exhibition gallery.