WDC Mexico City 2018

Mexico City is one of Latin America’s most creative and diverse cities; as well of one of the most prosperous in the region. A great deal of opportunities exist as a hyperconnected city – a cultural, business and academic capital. In 2018, Mexico City’s WDC programme focuses on what socially responsible design can mean to the life of a city.

The main objective of the WDC Mexico City 2018 programming is to generate a network of knowledge and exchange.

WDC Mexico City 2018 Values

1. Generating opportunities
2. Improving quality of life
3. Preserving what’s valuable
4. Transforming with respect

To live these values, WDC Mexico City 2018 focuses on six themes:

  • People
  • Mobility
  • City identity
  • Environment
  • Public space
  • Creative economy

WDC Mexico City 2018 includes a vast range of activities, exhibits, conferences, panels, installations, documentaries to initiate conversations and interactions highlighting the importance of design in everyday life and its fundamental role in society.