2021 Design Intelligence Award, supported by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, hosted by China Academy of Art, co-organized by Higher Education Teaching Steering Branch in Industrial Design of the Ministry of Education, held its awards ceremony in Oriental Milan International Fashion Center, Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province on the evening of October 12.

Awarded entries from four major categories were announced, including two Chinese works of Movable “Huo-Yan” Product Series and Centralized Fume Exhaust System, standing out from 7815 entries and winning the Gold Award and 145,000 dollars.

The Gold Award entry, Movable “Huo-Yan” Product Series, constitutes of nucleic acid detection laboratory and quarantine ward. It can be stored and folded easily to quickly respond to the needs of epidemic outbreak. The judges commented on this impressive laboratory the can unfold automatically in 1 minute and build nucleic acid detection laboratory and quarantine ward in 20 minutes, which supports the needs of COVID-19 testing for millions of people. It was designed for the current pandemic, however it can be easily adapted as a fast, accurate and comprehensive medical solution for a wider social public health safety and treatment.

Gold Award was also given to Centralized Fume Exhaust System, an urban fume solution based on intelligent cloud platform 3.0 and AI algorithm, which links central fume machine and terminal to achieve centralized emissions. According to the judges, the work has repurposed the traditional fume exhaust system, whether it comes from an individual, residential kitchen or the air purification of an entire system. The central intelligent cloud platform reaches 99.5% of purification efficiency through real-time supervision and centralized treatment. The design was inspired by daily life, but performs to augment it.

After the comprehensive consideration of an online preliminary evaluation and onsite final evaluation by 49 domestic and foreign judges, a total of 327 works were successfully shortlisted, including 30 entries qualified for the top award. These will be exhibited in Zhejiang Exhibition Hall from 22 September to 14 October and some will be exhibited in a special exhibition from 1 – 21 October in Keqiao, Shaoxing.