Pradyumna Vyas

Pradyumna Vyas

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)


Promotional Member

Statement of intent

I am Pradyumna Vyas, Industrial Designer, standing for WDO’s President-Elect position.With over 30 years of experience in Design Education and Promotion, my journey with ICSID/WDO began in 1995. I have had the privilege of serving as a Board Member thrice, including the past two terms.

I was Director of the National Institute of Design (NID), India for a decade. During this time, I actively engaged with design communities across the globe. I championed the cause of design for social development and sustainability in my interactions with design fraternities across Japan, Taiwan, China, Africa, and Europe.

As India Design Council’s inaugural Member Secretary, I steered the National Design Policy implementation. I have been deeply involved with WDO’s Global Design Policy Framework project, which is now in its final stage.

At my current organization, the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), I have advocated sustainable, circular design across Indian sectors.

My long-standing track record in the field of design allows me to bring a wealth of experience to further the cause and reach of WDO. If entrusted with the role of President-Elect, my primary focus would be on ‘Design for Sustainable Development’, aligned with WDO’s efforts towards the United Nations SDGs.

Leveraging my extensive international network, I aim to work collectively with member countries and the global design community to address some of the critical challenges we face today. I shall also actively support Bengaluru City in the World Design Protopolis Programme when it unfolds in 2024.

  • Senior Advisor-Design, Confederation of Indian Industries.
  • Director of National Institute of Design (2009-2019) and faculty for 20 years prior.
  • Member Secretary, India Design Council (2009-2019).
  • Launched India Design Mark (in association with G-Mark, Japan).
  • Jury member for several prestigious Design Awards across the globe, namely G-Mark (Japan), DIA and TEDA (China) and TISDC (Taiwan).

Senior Advisor – Design, Confederation of Indian Industries

  • M.Des Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay
  • Honourary Master of Arts, University of Creative Arts, Farnham, UK
  • Hindi
  • English