Sonia Manchanda

Spread Design


Corporate Member

Statement of intent

At Spread, we are taking the responsibility to actively demonstrate that design is the new strategy. Defining the experience of new greenfield infrastructure like airports, universities, shaping incubators working on climate change, creating new food solutions, shaping new behaviours with governments. Developing our own models that take the planet and people into account.

Design is what design does.

The Design Barn, Design Farm and Design Open are evidence of my / our personal commitment to spread design as a way to co work, live and connect locally and globally. Design Barn and Design Barn are a vivid demonstration of sustainability and that frugal design can be fabulous! I am a naturalist, plus I believe in a humanistic approach and equal futures. My project Dream:in was adopted by the UN for a Green Project in Curitiba and Rio+20.

I can help WDO demonstrate and spread the message that a design life is a commitment to:

  • Excellence: a constant striving.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: embracing change, staying positive and being resourceful.
  • Evangelising: creating believers. Widening the circle as we are better together. Bringing in policy, academia, industry.

Designer+Entrepreneur+Educator having set up three design firms – with Spread being planned as a design ecosystem. Have always worked to lift the value and significance of design and have had the opportunity of creating significant national brands, change projects with national and state government.

  • Founding Partner, Spread Design and Innovation Pvt Ltd.
  • Board Member at Forge Incubator, Coimbatore, India.
  • Masters in Communication Design and Film from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India.
  • Hindi
  • English