Ken Nah

Korea Institute of Design Promotion

South Korea

Promotional Member

Statement of intent

In an era where the development of technology constantly changes, design has the opportunity to become a key element for innovation or minimize to a simple tool for visualization. WDO and its members must work together to take this opportunity to make it into a ‘Design Renaissance.’As a design educator and practitioner of 25 years, I have dedicated myself to and have successfully played key roles in the following areas:

  1. Cross-pollinator for the Korean design community, integrating design with human factors, engineering design and design management
  2. Interpreter between the local and international design community, understanding cultural context and empathy
  3. Facilitator of design, engineering and business education
  4. Missionary on ‘value of design’ to CEOs and executives of different industries through lectures and workshops on design management and design thinking
  5. Advisor to national and municipal governments on design policy and,
  6. Mentor for design-based start-ups, sharing all resources available.

And my experience as senior board member to the Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Vice President of the Korea Federation of Design Associations and Director General of the ‘World Design Capital Seoul 2010,’ the first WDC appointed through competition, gives me confidence that I will be a useful resource in envisioning the future of WDO.

I am ready to bring my invaluable experience to the international design community and WDO. And I ask for your support to allow me to work diligently with WDO and our members to bring about a better world through design.

Ken Nah is a design educator and practitioner. He serves as board member to the Korea Institute of Design Promotion and Vice President to the Korea Federation of Design Associations. Ken is a Service Merit Medal recipient from the President of Korea for contributing to promote Korea’s design industry.

Ken Nah is currently a professor of design at the International Design School of Advanced Studies at Hongik University in South Korea. As an active supporter of educating and training the young minds, he dedicates time and effort to mentor designers with their struggle to design up-and-coming products and services.

  • Doctoral in Engineering Design (Human Factors), TUFTS University, 1996
  • Masters in Industrial Engineering (Ergonomics),Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST), 1985
  • Bachelor in Industrial Engineering, Hanyang University, 1983
  • Korean (native)
  • English (fluent)