Eisuke Tachikawa

Japan Industrial Design Association (JIDA)


Professional Member

I have dedicated my life to design for a better world. I am the founder of a design firm called NOSIGNER, where our mission is to work only on designs that bring hope for the future. I am also the president of the Japan Industrial Design Association, a founding member of WDO.

Every sector striving to create social change needs design today. WDO members worldwide are a group of people who have the potential to accelerate these sectors. As Board Member, I hope to bring design into various industries that are addressing future challenges. For example, climate change mitigation and adaptation will be a major design mission as climate disasters and biodiversity collapse increase significantly. Another critical mission will be to establish a more creative design education to increase innovators that will take on the many challenges that lie ahead. To address these fundamental design challenges, I strive to work with different industries on a daily basis.

Design can be a powerful tool for transforming society. On the other hand, design can potentially hinder our future if not connected to purposes that shape a better future. That is why I want to open up opportunities in different sectors, with design as a means (HOW) and sustainability as a purpose (WHY).


  • Executive Committee Member of World Design Assembly Tokyo 2023
  • Chairman for the Association for the Consideration of Future Higher Education hosted by Benesse
  • Educational Research and Development Institute
  • Founded “ADAPTMENT” project


  • The 30th Shichihei Yamamoto Prize, “Evolutional Creativity”
  • Platinum Award of A’ Design Award, “Yamamotoyama”
  • The Best Design of Golden Pin Design Award, “PANDAID”
  • Gold Award of German Design Award, “Akikawa Farm”
  • President of JIDA (the Japan Industrial Design Association)
  • Published “Evolutional Creativity”


  • Basic Concept Creator for the 2025 Osaka Kansai Expo’s Japan Pavilion
  • iF Design Award, “PLOTTER”


Naming and branding director of YOXO, Yokohama City’s innovation policy


Good Design Gold Award of Good Design Award, “TOKYO BOSAI”


  • Concept Director for Cool Japan Proposal / 2nd Cool Japan Movement Promotion Conference
  • Gold Award of Pentaward, “warew”


Grand Prize of DFA Design For Asia Award, “OLIVE”



  • Founder & CEO, NOSIGNER
  • President, JIDA (the Japan Industrial Design Association)
  • Visiting Professor, Kanazawa College of Art
  • Chief Design Officer / Director, Machi Mirai.Co.,Ltd.
  • Governing Board Member, Kirirom Institute of Technology (Cambodia)
  • Chief Design Officer, Naorai Co., Ltd.
  • Director, 47 PLANNING Co., Ltd.
  • Chief Design Officer / Director, ZENLOOP Co., Ltd.
  • MS, Science and Engineering Department of Architecture, Keio University Graduate School (2006)
  • BA, Hosei University Undergraduate School (2004)
  • Japanese (native)
  • English (fluent)