Educational institution: De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (Philippines)
Programme: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design
Year of graduation: 2009

What made you decide to become an industrial designer?

Surrounded by ever-evolving products, I had become deeply fascinated with how the industry works and how it is able to come up with innovation that dramatically improves the lives of people. This challenged me, as a design-oriented person, to contribute to the further development of design. Moreover, in such a diverse and promising field, I was confident that my talent, creativity, and skills could be honed, not only for my benefit, career-wise, but for society’s benefit as well. I think it’s a privilege not afforded to many.

In your opinion, what types of people are best suited for the profession of industrial design? What is a typical industrial designer like?

Having passion and an eye for detail is one thing. Someone who can think of bold and out-of-the-box ideas that stand out from the pool of existing and conventional concepts.

As a modern-day industrial designer, I believe one should be brave enough to challenge the norm and formulate new and fresh designs that are better in terms of functionality and aesthetics. A credible designer utilizes his/her understanding of technology, materials, and ergonomics not only to modify and improve the design of products but also enhance their usability.

Where did you study industrial design and what was the most important thing you learned?

I completed a Bachelor of Science-Industrial Design at De La Salle – College of St. Benilde. As a student, I learned not to limit myself from what the textbooks and professors dictate to us but to constantly challenge myself as a designer to go out and look at things from a different perspective. It is my goal to persistently refine my ideas and/or designs because these things reflect what I do and my credibility as an industrial designer. Also, I learned not to be afraid and hesitant to come up with all kinds of ideas, no matter how trivial they may be at first, because from there, you will have the chance to explore and fine-tune everything as your knowledge and mastery of the field increases. Constant research using all kinds of media is also essential for it keeps me up-to-date and broadens my knowledge of the trends today, hence enabling me to come up with current and contemporary ideas for my designs.


As a modern-day industrial designer, I believe one should be brave enough to challenge the norm and formulate new and fresh designs that are better in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

What do you believe are the major obstacles or challenges for young industrial designers today from a professional standpoint?

I think the major challenge young designers face today would be how to further elevate the standards in industrial design, which have already been established in the past and make it better to parallel the advancement of today’s technology and modern ergonomics or human factors. People’s livelihoods are continuously evolving and it’s up to us to sustain the ease of use of products without, of course, sacrificing the more defining role of quality and aesthetics.

Tell us about the projects you are working on now.

I am currently creating store and kiosk designs for Cosmic Technologies, Inc. (Cherry Mobile). It is the leading local telecommunications company that offers affordable mobile phones in the Philippines.

To start a project, I basically do area visits; meet with the mall admin/architect to discuss their design criteria, and then present a design proposal through 3D rendered perspective with working drawing. We closely work with contractors to make sure that the design is thoroughly followed. I believe that every part of the design should have its purpose. Accessibility and functionality should be considered to lessen a probable failure.

What do you most love about industrial design?

To be able to conceptualize new and effective design ideas that, at times, surpass the clients’ expectations and needs. It is highly satisfying and rewarding for a designer to be able to come up with modified products that do exceptionally well in terms of functionality, usability, and design. My love for it is what motivates me to explore and search for more possibilities to work on in the field, and to learn more and be the best in what I do.

As an industrial designer, what is your biggest dream?

I’ve always wanted my ideas to be turned into reality. Meet with other known designers such as Karim Rashid, Kenneth Cobonpue, Tim Kobe and more. Join organizations wherein I could interact with fellow designers, learn from them, and discover new ways to meaningfully execute designs for new products.

How do you see yourself working with Icsid to design for a better world?

It would be an honour and great opportunity to work with Icsid, an organization that gives utmost importance to design and caters to designers. Having the same vision for a better future, I think I’m capable and qualified enough to contribute to its cause, all the while doing what I love the most in the world, design.