Jean Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Eyeblue, a French company that specializes in new digital usage applied to the optical industry. Protecting eyes when looking at screens is a real challenge nowadays. Eyeblue glasses aim at improving performance, productivity and increase well-being. Glasses filter UV rays emitted by screens and prevent premature aging of the eyes.

How did you come to create EyeBlue glasses? How has your experience in industrial design / ophthalmology impacted on this project?

As opticians we noted an increase of vision issues because most of people are now visually connected to computers, tablets and smartphones.

How do you consider that design is a particularly relevant tool to improve health and well-being? 

We consider that design is one of the most important features because our glasses have to be comfortable especially for people who are not used to wearing glasses. This is why we have created the carbon collection composed of glasses made of carbon fibres, an eye quality material super light and ergonomic, perfect for gamers, because it does not cause any discomfort for players who wear a headset.


Do you have other projects to improve the well-being of people with design?

Our future project is to develop a titanium collection with aesthetic and coloured glasses for men and women, ultra light to avoid any discomfort after several hours of video games and which prevents allergies. Eyeblue glasses are leaders in the video game industry for protection devices.”

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