From top left: Felipe Fiallo, Sissi Johnson, Robbie Fuller, Richard Kuchinsky, Chen Wang, Ann Williams, Sean Williams, Robert Quach, Yael Joyce Vantu, Oronzo De Matteis.

Discover the seasoned professionals who will shape the fourth edition of the Global Footwear Awards, as their vast experience in the industry ensures the recognition of outstanding talent and groundbreaking designs.

Zurich, Switzerland – The Global Footwear Awards (GFA) is thrilled to unveil the distinguished jury members who will be presiding over its highly anticipated fourth edition. The GFA, an esteemed platform celebrating outstanding achievements in footwear design, is now open for submissions from talented designers worldwide.

Since its inception, the GFA has attracted designers from over 50 countries, with each edition surpassing the previous one in terms of creativity, innovation, and global participation. Winners of the Awards have not only received prestigious accolades but have also enjoyed significant industry recognition, featuring prominently in renowned publications and forging partnerships with leading brands.

The 2023 grand jury comprises experts hailing from diverse backgrounds, including fashion, design, media, and art. These distinguished individuals bring their exceptional insights and extensive experience to the selection process, guaranteeing that the winning designs represent the pinnacle of footwear design excellence.

Among the esteemed jury panel are renowned personalities such as Felipe Fiallo, Founder & Creative Director of Felipe Fiallo S.R.L.S, who, after working for Ferragamo and creating concepts for Stella McCartney and Adidas Maker Lab, is now focused on luxury sneakers and footwear. Jury member Sissi Johnson, an MBA professor and Founder of SelfSells, has had her work featured by Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, Vogue, and the V&A Museum. Sean Williams, a well-respected NYC-based sneaker lover for over 37 years, serves as a sneaker industry consultant to brands worldwide and is a co-founder of the SOLEcial Studies sneaker industry education program. Jazerai Allen-Lord is a multi-hyphenate creative with deep roots in sneaker and streetwear culture. The agency she founded, True to Size, has worked extensively with notable brands such as New Balance, Nike, Reebok, Jordan Brand, and many others, focusing on women’s-focused storytelling. Richard Kuchinsky, Founder and Owner of The Directive Collective, a full-service footwear design consultancy, brings over 20 years of extensive experience in the industry, driving the creative design and development process for global brands with a sharp focus on design DNA and strategy.

Joining these luminaries are Robbie Fuller, Creative Director at Anta Group, James Lee Thompson, the innovative strategist from On Running, Oronzo De Matteis, the visionary behind OROORO BRAND LUXURY, Ann Williams, Co-Founder and Footwear Design Director at Schwilliamz Creative Consultants, and Mary Norton, the Luxury Accessories Design Director/Specialist at Savannah College of Art. This star-studded jury panel, consisting of industry giants, ensures that the Global Footwear Awards 2023 will be an exceptional showcase of innovation and creativity. Discover the full list of esteemed jury members, including other prominent names, on the GFA website.

The GFA invites designers from around the world to submit their most remarkable work, embracing the opportunity to be recognized alongside industry luminaries. With an illustrious jury panel, the fourth edition of the GFA promises to set new benchmarks for creativity and innovation in footwear design.

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