Designing and innovating for human-centered machine learning is hard. To make ML-based innovation faster and easier, Niclas Bauermeister and Marcel Tobien from MHP, a Porsche Company, and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Löwe from the Berlin-based Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences developed the open-source, interactive innovation framework Floom. The best thing about it is that Floom is totally free of charge and customizable for any team’s individual needs.

Floom – an acronym of flow and room – is a visual innovation framework for user-centered machine learning. The end-to-end framework guides through the AI-based innovation process using virtual spaces and interactive avatars, ensuring that tasks, project progress and deliverables are clearly defined, visible and shareable at all times. Responsibilities are clearly assigned, making the complex innovation process more transparent, efficient and faster. Floom integrates diverse agile approaches such as Scrum and Design Thinking into a single framework, facilitating interdisciplinary work and allowing for more joy and team spirit.

Floom is built with LabKit, a massive system of components to build virtual spaces for collaborative experiences in Figma. Due to the modal design approach, organizations and teams can change the current innovation process Floom provides and easily tailor it to their needs.

Floom is part of a German research project about design and artificial intelligence and was featured in the seminal German book Design und künstliche Intelligenz (Design and Artificial Intelligence), published in 2022 by Birkhäuser.

FLOOM in a nutshell


  • Floom is the first visual interactive innovation framework for human-centered machine learning
  • Floom is an end-to-end solution for agile innovation teams
  • It is open source and free of charge
  • Floom is fully customizable to any organization’s and team’s needs
  • It ensures project progress visibility and shareability of all tasks and results
  • It accelerates the complex machine learning innovation process and makes it more transparent
  • Floom integrates agile approaches like Scrum and Design Thinking into a single framework
  • It facilitates interdisciplinary project work and promotes enjoyment and team spirit

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Prof. Dr. Sebastian Löwe