Industrial design is the key component in product manufacturing, being the innovation driver and the foundation of economic stability. Development of industrial design and engineering and the inflow of new experts in this branch will help to raise industry cost-efficiency and advance the digital development.

This program targets those who wish to receive or upgrade their skills in industrial design and manage projects at various production sites of any industrial background. Our graduate employment focuses on the objective world, living environment, information and visual spaces and the related systems, phenomena and processes including those in science and engineering.

The program is planned for 2 years full-time education in Russian and includes 26 subjects in the field of industrial design and engineering for the formation of professional and personal competencies for project management.


The key advantages of the program:

Practice-oriented studies: excursions to industrial productions or design studios are part of the usual schedule of students. All the latest technologies from the field of materials science, modeling, VR/AR are the subject of research both in theory and in practice.

Visionary ideas and modern equipment: the program was developed by the team of the National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB and provides access to the most interesting projects. Students learn the latest design systems and use the center’s state-of-the-art equipment to design, manufacture and assemble prototypes of all levels of complexity. Projects include the interior design of a modern modular carriage, the creation of a model building for a rehabilitation center in the parking lot, and the design of dynamic furniture for public spaces.

Involvement in the design community: students’ schedule will be filled with useful master classes from Russian and international design stars, invitations to specialized exhibitions and professional forums. This type of communication will allow to exchange creative energy and keep a direct connection with the market, following all the trends and innovations of the industrial design industry in the era of digitalization.

Convenient class structure: the class schedule allows students to comfortably allocate their time and combine work and educational research projects. A blended learning format makes it possible to optimize time and be in real-time communication with teachers.

The teaching staff is formed from leading industry practitioners such as:

Evgeny Korzhov
Ph.D., associate professor
Graduate of the Moscow State Mining University. Certified WorldSkills Standards Expert in Industrial Design. Author of more than 15 scientific articles, including those reviewed by the international Scopus database on industrial design and engineering, materials processing technologies and restoration of sculptural objects.

Maxim Kanishchev
General Director of LLC “2050AT”
Graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. International expert in the field of industrial energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction. Expert of the National Clean Air Project. Founder of the scientific direction Anselm.

Sergey Helmyanov
Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Industrial Design, St. Stieglitz
A graduate of the St.Stieglitz. In 2005-2007, he headed the international student creative program of the NOKIA company and the Design faculty of St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts (in collaboration with NOKIA Design Director Eero Miettinen). His portfolio includes more than 100 projects in various areas of design.

Alexey Yakimenko 
Associate Professor of the Department “Design of the transport means”
Member of the Russian Union of Artists, member of the International Association “Union of Designers”, winner of the Prize of the Russian Federation Government in the field of culture, diploma holder of the RAH

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