Over 800 objects on exhibit, illustrating the history of this important Piemontese company

Torino (Italy) – Torino 2008 World Design Capital presents “Olivetti. Una bella società.” The exhibit, which will open to the public on May 16th, 2008 at the Promotrice delle Belle Arti on Viale Balsamo Crivelli 11, in Torino, will illustrate the extraordinary contribution of the Ivrea-based company in developing Italy’s modern project culture.

“Olivetti. Un bella società,” curated by Enrico Morteo and Manolo De Giorgi, is one of the main events on the calendar of Torino 2008 World Design Capital. The 800 objects on exhibit trace the long parabola of Olivetti, which was founded in Ivrea in 1908. The company’s industrial history is illustrated and, above all, its ability to present itself as a driving engine and a model for the growth of society, above and beyond its function as a producer of objects and consumer goods.

The exhibition showcases a selection of emblematic innovations from across the range of the company’s activity, while the heart of the exhibit is a kind of encyclopedic compilation of all the experiences that marked Olivetti’s history, which coincide with the events of the entire 20th century.

Further information: www.torinoworlddesigncapital.it

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