Gellivare (Sweden) – In a partnership between Icsid, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) and the community of Gellivare, City Move Interdesign will be the main activity in a project about how to relocate people and societies. Scheduled for March 2009, the project will look at the possibilities of creating new spaces for people both in a human and technological way, where homes, workplaces, tourist attractions and meeting places have to be relocated or even left behind.  Over the next twelve months, a series of seminars and workshops will pave the way for the Icsid Interdesign workshop that will connect professionals from a diverse cross section of disciplines to collect experiences and develop new knowledge about how to move a society.

The results and documentation from the workshop will become a part of a knowledge bank showing how the process could be used in Sweden but also how it can be adapted and implemented in similar areas around the world.

Participation in City Move Interdesign will be based on a formal application process.  Because of the scope of the project, 30 – 40 people with different design competences and other relevant professions will participate in the workshop. In addition to this, there will be a number of expert advisors and support personnel on site to facilitate the workshop.

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Further Information
A fact sheet on City Move Interdesign can be downloaded at Please distribute this amongst your network and to all those who may be interested in participating in the Interdesign Workshop.

For further information on City Move Interdesign, please contact:
Mr. Claes Frossen

What is an Icsid Interdesign?
An interdesign is a two-week workshop where an international team of industrial designers and professionals from other disciplines come together to work collaboratively on a predetermined issue of regional and/or international significance. A host country identifies a particular problem specific to their country whose solution is applicable in other international contexts. Since the first interdesign workshop in 1971, Interdesign themes have ranged from being purely product design to opening discussions on general topics.