Seoul (South Korea) – As part of their World Design Capital Seoul 2010calendar, the City of Seoul is proud to report the following upcoming news and events:

Citizen design competition

“World Design Capital Seoul Starts With Me” is the third such competition  geared towards promoting the WDC to the citizens of Seoul since 2008. Participants are encouraged to participate in three categories: t-shirt design, sticker design, and a photo essay competition. There are no conditions for participation in the event except for having an open mind and free expressions on design impressions, design lives and future features that each person can envision for WDC Seoul.

Participants may fill out and submit the online application form between 5 July to 10 August.

67 winning entries will be selected and exhibited at the Seoul Design Fair 2010 from the 17 September 2010 to 7 October.

Seoul International Design Workshop 2010

A special international design workshop will be held 10-23 July under the theme of “Universal Design with Information Technology environment”, which aims to make Seoul a design centered city through IT innovation. The goal of this workshop is to create a city based on universal design regardless of gender, age, race, or physical condition.

100 students and designers from 26 countries will gather in Seoul during this two-week workshop, and conduct field experience and discussions. The works produced from this workshop will also be presented at the Seoul Design Fair 2010.

World Design Capital Seoul 2010 Twitter@wdcseoul2010 reopened

WDC Seoul has reopened its Twitter account, @wdcseoul2010. This social media outlet will allow WDC Seoul to continually provide updates and various pieces of information on design, events and entertainment happening in Seoul. Follow the City of Seoul today and actively join the discussion  by sharing information and opinions on design following the reinstatement of its Twitter account.

About the Seoul Design Fair 2010

In the fall, Seoul will be gearing up to host the Seoul Design Fair 2010 which will be a comprehensive design festival addressed in three themes: Design for Economy, Design for Participation, and Design for Education. The fair is organised by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and sponsored by the Seoul Design Foundation. The event will take place at Jamsil Sports Complex from 17 September to 7 October 2010.

About the World Design Capital™ (WDC)

While there are many awards that recognise individual accomplishments in design, the World Design Capital designation is unique as it aims to focus on the broader essence of design’s impact on urban spaces, economies and citizens. The designation provides a distinctive opportunity for cities to feature their accomplishments in attracting and promoting innovative design, as well as highlight their successes in urban revitalisation strategies.