Montreal (Canada) – This year for World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) on 29 June, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) invites the design community to celebrate Youth in Design.

Icsid is in the process of adopting a renewed mission and vision as well as a new name — the World Design Organization. The 2016 WIDD celebrations offer a perfect opportunity to highlight this transformation. Icsid is striving to become a more open, inclusive, and collaborative organization, and today’s young designers will play a key part in this renewal.

Leading up to WIDD, members worldwide will be invited to hold consultations with students and young design professionals. These consultations will explore the challenges facing designers from the millennial generation, as well as their aspirations for designing a better world. The results of these consultations will be unveiled on 29 June.

In addition to consultations, there are many other ways in which the design community can participate in the celebrations and highlight the contribution of young designers. Several guides have been created to offer suggestions on how to celebrate, and cities are encouraged  to proclaim the day and join the other 14 cities worldwide that have already done so.

Once you’ve decided on your activity, please let know so that we can promote you on our website and through our social networks.

About World Industrial Design Day

World Industrial Design Day is observed annually on 29 June in recognition of the profession of industrial design. First declared in 2007 on the occasion of Icsid’s 50th anniversary, World Industrial Design Day has been established with the aim of promoting awareness of the profession of industrial design and facilitating collaborations that help to highlight the impact of industrial design on economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life throughout the world.

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