World Industrial Design Day 2019 Mini-Jam

Partnership for the goal

WDO has partnered with Digital Society School, the founders of the Global Goals Jam, to launch the first World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) Mini-Jam – a collection of one-day design sprints around the world where creative teams will work together to address local challenges around the Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

How to participate in the WIDD 2019 Mini-Jam

A toolkit has been prepared to help you craft an event that can be held over the course of an afternoon, or a full day, depending on which methods you use and how deep you dive in. Depending on your time, workspace and the network available to you, you can customize your Mini-Jam as simply or as elaborately as you want. What we value most is bringing together people from different disciplines and backgrounds, to create a conversation and collaboration that includes multiple perspectives.

The first part focuses on identifying a local challenge, the second part is to assess the possible impact of your challenge. This should help you create a brief.

The Global Goals Jam is an initiative established in 2016 by the Digital Society School in the Netherlands. The #GlobalGoalsJam is a two-day event that empowers people to create direct impact on the Global Goals by solving local challenges relevant to their own context. The “WIDD 2019 Mini-Jam” employs the same design method in a more compact one-day event. It can also easily be held over the course of just an afternoon (depending on how deep you wish to dive into your topic).

To start, you’ll need a physical space to comfortably seat participants. You’ll also want to consider:

– Reliable Internet access for all participants
– Access to the methods, tools and templates we will provide you with, as well as basic design tools such as post-its (lots of ’em!), blank paper, markers, tape etc.
– At least one local official organizer to coordinate the event
– Snacks

For more info on How to Host a Jam

To participate in a Jam, you’ll need to register for the local event happening near you. If an event is taking place in your area, you will be able to sign up as a participant and register your name and expertise. More information will then be shared by the host.

For more info on How to Participate in a Jam


We’ll use Slack to help participants, teams and organizers communicate and connect efficiently. By joining WIDD, you become part of the Global Goals Jam community:

  • Registration: you can sign-up here
  • When logged in, you will find in the left column the following #channels that you can follow: #updates, #2019, #widd, #jamkit-material. Find out detailed information on the toolkit (full methodology, slack, documentation, context on SDG #12)

Documenting the process

It’ll be important to properly document your design process. We believe that this information will be key in order to provide legacy to future designers on your ideas. Make sure you have a smartphone, paper and pencil by your side and take notes of insights and outputs.

Send your sketches, ideas, pictures and videos to