To address the increasing shortage of hospital beds in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan Design Research Institute has partnered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Health and Welfare, Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital, and design team Miniwiz, to build an innovative isolation ward for COVID patients. The MAC Ward (Modular, Adaptable, Convertible) focuses on user needs, medical application and modular design to integrate assistive devices, electronic monitoring and a smart bathroom.

Using recyclable and reusable materials and complete with negative pressure, the design allows a general hospital ward to transform into an isolation space or intensive care ward within 48 hours. The design harnesses creative design thinking to prevent the spread of the virus, and can be easily assembled, disassembled and set up anywhere.

The MAC Ward showcases Taiwan’s large pool of interdisciplinary design talents and comprehensive medical care system. The Taiwan Design Research Institute looks forward to driving the development of the creative and innovative design solutions for all sectors.

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