Istanbul (Turkey), 12 April 2023 — Organized by TURKPATENT (Turkish Patent and Trademark Office), Bilişim Vadisi and World Design Organization (WDO), the Türkiye 2030 Design Vision workshop took place from 30-31 March 2023. Hosted at the technology and innovation hub, Informatics Valley Istanbul, the two-day event brought together WDO Board Members, leading industry stakeholders, academics, designers and design students from Turkey and around the world, to develop a roadmap for Turkey’s future design policies and strategies. 

“As of today, more than 7,700 design personnel are employed in 319 design centres in Turkey, and nearly 10,000 projects have been completed in these design centres,” said Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology  during the event. Stating that more than 2,300 design projects are ongoing in design centres, Kacır noted that “we see that if we take one step, our private sector responds with ten steps. We will continue to pave the way for our private sector, entrepreneurs, and all individuals working in the creative industries.”

Recognizing the Turkish design ecosystem’s enormous potential, WDO President David Kusuma stated that the country “is capable of producing high-quality goods, so they have a wide-open road ahead of them.” Emphasizing that highly competent experts from all over the world attended the workshop, Mr. Kusuma also noted that this event will only facilitate further synergies between Turkey and WDO. At a ceremony held prior to the workshop, Bilişim Vadisi also celebrated their recent induction as a WDO member. Those in attendance at the ceremony included Mehmet Fatih Kacır; Cemil Başpınar, President of TURKPATENT and WDO President David Kusuma, while Mr. Ahmet Serdar İbrahimcioğlu accepted the membership on behalf of the company as General Manager of Bilişim Vadisi.

Mr. Ahmet Serdar İbrahimcioğlu, General Manager of Bilişim Vadisi, accepting the organization's WDO membership from WDO President David Kusuma.


Noting that design was positioned as the most important issue in Bilişim Vadisi’s strategic plan and the vision for 2030 will be determined by the workshop, A. Serdar İbrahimcioğlu, General Manager of Bilişim Vadisi said, “in our workshop, we will discuss the impact of global trends on Turkish design vision and the expansion of Turkish design to the entire world.” WDO Treasurer and Board Member Sertaç Ersayın added that by bringing together decision-makers, designers, and entrepreneurs, the workshop enabled discussion around “the development of technology, the areas where competition drives us, and future trends.”

All opinions and suggestions regarding the design strategy were evaluated over the course of the two-day workshop, which aimed to develop Turkish design identity and promote it on the international stage. Sessions included Turkey’s Design Strategy in the Framework of Global Design Trends and Design for Unforeseen Conditions.



Looking ahead to the future, TÜRKPATENT President Başpınar stated that by gathering professional organizations related to design, design academics, individual designers, design offices, and representatives, the event enabled the preparation of the country’s strategy document that will outline key objectives for the next seven years.

The event also marked the announcement of the winner of the Turkish Design Advisory Council 2023, Mr. Sadık Karamustafa. Following the event, WDO Board Members gathered in Istanbul for their first in-person Board Meeting of 2023.

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