WIDD 2021 Events

Let’s talk: diversity

Country: International

WDO celebrated the theme of diversity with a 24-hour virtual event. Designers, educators and experts on diversity and inclusion shared their stories, points of view and actionable steps we can all take to continue to design for a better world.


Country: India

World University of Design conducted a Design Thinking and Service Design Workshop – sort of a mini Global Goals Jam. The workshop was attended by educators from different schools and colleges in and around Sonepat, Haryana who were trained in the nuances of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by UNDP and how they are applied towards development and sustainability.

Diversity in Turkish Design Scene

Country: Turkey

Diversity in the design practice by Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK) with virtual sessions on diversity in design research, diversity in the design profession, and diversity in design education.

Para vos … ¿qué es el diseño industrial?

Country: Argentina

Activity with students, graduates and teachers of the industrial design workshops from the University of Buenos Aires. Each will be welcome to share and reflect on what industrial design is for each of us, under the banner of diversity.

We Are Designer (WAD)

Country: South Korea

About 38,000 design majors graduate from Korea every year (the second-largest number in the world after the United States). However, 93.4% of the average business does not have a dedicated design department. Even if they do, the designers work in an environment where the average annual salary is 23.9 million won (approx. $19,260) or less, which leads to their low satisfaction in their job. By celebrating 29 June, World Industrial Design Day, with the project “We are DESIGNER,” the organizing committee seeks to create social value for current designers working in various fields and prospective designers with big dreams. It was an opportunity for suggesting business managers a work style that helps efficient cooperation with their human resources—designers—while giving designers a high level of pride and the right sense of job value.

Inaugural issue of Proyecta56 (industrial design journal)

Country: Spain

Proyecta56, an industrial design journal by the University of Cadiz will be aunched on 29 June. Managed by an international editorial team, this scientific publication, will have a balance of informative content of interest by designers everywhere and accessible in English and in Spanish.

The first full issue in Spanish will be available free of charge on the occasion of World Industrial Desgin Day, with a wide selection of articles available in English.

Design Workshop

Country: India

ADI-PNQ celebrates the theme of Diversity with a workshop on 29 June for youth between 12-16 years. The design workshop for school children will introduce them to observing a need and design solutions to solve it. This hands-on workshop will be facilitated by the highly respected and much loved guru of design – Prof. Uday Athavankar who served as a professor of design at IDC, IIT Bombay. He believes the best design ideas come from young children and youth who have an un-filtered look at life.

Redesigning the LOTA

Country: India

Sasi Creative Institute of Design celebrated by showing 20 of its students a documentary on an Indian vessel called the LOTA. The students were educated on how everyday objects carry attributes of great design and symmetry. They also explored the point of view and different perspectives on what great design is and how great designs can be identified. The students were then challenged to asked to create their own versions of the Indian LOTA.

WIDD2021 Design Dialogue

Country: Japan

Every year on 29 June, Japan’s WDO Member regroup for a country-wide meeting to exchange on the topic of a given year. In 2021, it was a dialogue on diversity between the designers from WDO professional members and students from WDO educational members.

Intersections between the worlds of Industrial design and Craft Traditions

Country: India

Our discussion aims to explore the “”Intersections between the worlds of Industrial design and Craft Traditions””. This online event explored the origins of industrial design and if it’s genesis from the world of crafts.

While we live in a world populated with industrially produced goods fuelled by constant technical advancements, we still draw from our age-old craft traditions to enrich our modern day design experiences.

A new trend has emeerged where both are learning from the other. One trying to adapt to the rapidly changing times, while the other trying to borrow or replicate the charm of handmade products.

Code of Professional Ethics

Country: Philippines

Different languages. One design code. One Philippine design nation.

Design Center of the Philippines joined the global celebration of World Industrial Design Day 2021 and its theme of diversity by embracing the rich tapestry of cultures in the Philippines’ 7,641 islands. This specially produced video features WDO’s Code of Professional Ethics which we have translated into 6 languages to represent the three main island groups of the country.

With the help of industrial designers, this video is a celebration of design, a recognition of all industrial designers, and a reminder of the critical role design plays in improving quality of life and of the planet we all live in.

Podcast episode: design and industry

Country: France

In recognition of World Industrial Design Day, a podcast episode dedicated to design and industry! These two worlds often struggle to find each other, even in the 21st century. Listen in on this coversation (in French) between Anne Asensio, WDO Board Member and Vice President of Design at Dassault Systèmes and François Lenfant, General Manager at GE Healthcare, hosted by Aurélien Gohier, EuroWest Senior Digital Manager at Dassault Systèmes.

Creative Future 2021

Country: Philippines

Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) and CREATE Philippines opened Creative Futures with sessions centered on creative governance. Congressman Christopher De Venecia presented the ongoing work to pass the Creative Industries Act, a signature legislative piece of the Arts and Culture and Creative Bloc (ACCIB). The bill aims to provide an enabling policy and governance framework that will shape the Philippine creative industry, make it globally competitive, and ensure a sustainable future for the country’s local talents.

Online Exhibition of Works and Alumni Feature Talk

Country: Philippines

University of the Philipines Society of Industrial Designers in cooperation with the College of Fine Arts and the Department of Visual Communication presented: iD!D 2021 Industrial Design Diliman BOUNDLESS: Thriving Beyond Limits. It includes an online exhibition of works from students and featured alumni. The 2-day career talk will feature six outstanding graduates of the industrial design programme selected to represent a wide range of design specializations.

CREATIO® 9th Annual Design Competition

Country: India

On the occasion of World Industrial Design Day, S.S. Rana & Co., in association with IP4kids, organized ‘CREATIO’® ’ 9th Annual Design Competition 2021. By way of this competition, they provide a platform for design students to share their innovation and creativity. Winners were announced on 29 June.

Reinvent the Ordinary

Country: Philippines

Challenge what you know about design and check out the Benildean Industrial Designers (BIND) for the biggest local celebration of World Industrial Design Day! From July 5-9, turning World Industrial Design Day into a full week, they’re shedding light on the direction of the design world, and how it can further be improved through workshops and talks based on the theme of diversity in design.

Material ConneXion Webinar

Country: Philippines

Design Center of the Philippines and MATIC Hub Cebu, in partnership with Philippine Trade Training Center are holding a 1-hour presentation on the changing influences of diversity in design and its impact on the choice of materials.

Featuring Dr. Andrew Dent, Executive Vice President of Material ConneXion, this webinar is intended to provide a general understanding of the development of diversity in design and materials, as well as methods for assessing choices based upon these criteria. It will provide examples of non-diverse materials and ways to offer a broader, more inclusive range of material options for design and production.