WIDD 2023 Events

The Future We Want

Country: International

Alongside the global design community , WDO celebrated World Industrial Design Day by asking: what kind of future are you designing for? Taking inspiration from the contributions we received, we developed our own original comic entitled The Future We Want. It’s a story dedicated to every designer, practicing, aspiring or somewhere in between, that is working to build a better tomorrow.


Country: Australia

A 2023 celebration for World Industrial Design Day, IDX hosted an event on 29 June for established professionals and burgeoning junior industrial designers alike to connect, reconnect, build community and celebrate the design profession.

WIP on WIDD 2023

Country: Australia

In celebration of World Industrial Design Day 2023, the WIP exhibition was hosted by the University of South Australia’s Industrial Design Department to showcase the design processes employed by students across a wide range of projects. From domestic appliances to future mobility solutions and systemic design challenges, the WIP exhibition offers a diverse showcase of student work.

The Future We Want

Country: Australia

Hosted by Queensland University of Technology Industrial Design and Design Institute of Australia, The Future We Want was a virtual panel discussion on 29 June that featured leading design thinkers from Australia, Germany and Dubai to address questions that will spark meaningful conversation about what design for the future looks like.

The Future We Want

Country: Australia

The Design Institute of Australia collaborated with Queensland University of Technology to  continue its yearly tradition of organizing an expert panel discussion for World Industrial Design Day. This year, the event explored design’s impact on The Future We Want, with contributions from design professionals and academics around the world.

World Industrial Design Day in Montréal

Country: Canada

To celebrate WIDD 2023, WDO Members Association des designers industriels du Québec (ADIQ) and BRP hosted an in-person networking event on 29 June with Montreal’s local design community. The event featured virtual appearances from WDO’s leadership, including WDO President David Kusuma.

Titulados Escuela de Diseño Duoc UC

Country: Chile

On 29 June 2023, Escuela de Diseño Duoc UC brought their students and professors together for a day of workshops and activities around The Future We Want. Students worked to put together an illustrated manifesto showcasing their reflections on what kind of future they are designing for.

The Future We Want

Country: China

WDO Member Chinese Industrial Designers Association (CIDA) and the Industrial Design Development Association of Taipei (IDDAT) jointly hosted a networking event on 29 June to celebrate World Industrial Design Day. The event brought together hundreds of designers from both organizations to raise awareness of the importance of industrial design in daily life and its impact on our shared future.

Global Design Leaders Summit

Country: China

In celebration of World Industrial Design Day, WDO Member Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association co-hosted their Global Design Leaders Summit on 29 June. The event welcomed representatives from WDO’s leadership team to discuss future opportunities and developments in science, technology and industrial design creativity in China and abroad.

Jornadas de Diseño Industrial

Country: Ecuador

Universidad Central del Ecuador celebrated World Industrial Design Day 2023 by hosting a series of events exploring the impact of design on the future of technology and innovation.

HaDEA celebrates WIDD 2023

Continent: Europe

To mark World Industrial Design Day 2023, the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) highlighted how some of their EU-funded projects are working to improve the industrial design sector to foster economic, social, cultural, and environmental progress.

Ornamo x World Industrial Design Day

Country: Finland

Hosted by WDO Member Ornamo Art & Design Finland, this online event celebrated The Future We Want by exploring what role design can play in our current social and environmental context.

APCI celebrates WIDD

Country: France

WDO Member Agence pour la promotion de la création industrielle (APCI) recognized World Industrial Design Day on 29 June by encouraging their online communities to reflect on their contributions to our shared future and encouraging participating in their upcoming 40th anniversary celebrations later this year.

Sketching the Future

Country: Germany

To celebrate World Industrial Design Day 2023, Berlin-based industrial design agency schulze design presented an exhibition of industrial design sketches – from hand-drawn ideas, visions and variants to demonstrate the beauty of the design process.

Transformation by nature

Country: Germany

For World Industrial Design Day 2023, the Hamburg-based industrial design studio designkunst, Dr. Sybs Bauer, presents her new book “formatio naturals” and gives an insight into the principles of nature with possibilities to integrate them into our design process – for a future after the future!

World Industrial Design Day in the Fise Gallery

Country: Hungary

Hosted by Fise Gallery in celebration of World Industrial Design Day 2023, this event brought together design representatives, creators, communicators, practitioners and thinkers at the Studio of Young Designers Association.

Design Jövőképek

Country: Hungary

Continuing their highly successful event first organized last year, Budapest Design Week WIDD programme focused once again on good practices where business leaders make long-term, design-conscious decisions for a successful future, with a specific focus on women in business.

Let’s Design – The Future We Want

Country: India

WDO Member Confederation of Indian Industry hosted an event in Bangalore on 28 June to celebrate World Industrial Design Day 2023. The event brought together various design leaders from the region to explore the theme of The Future We Want.

World Industrial Design Day Iran

Country: Iran

Iran’s design community came together on 29 June to celebrate the Future We Want and promote solidarity and growth towards a brighter future. The country leveraged World Industrial Design Day to spark conversations around economic and social development, industry growth and design creativity.


Country: Malaysia

Hosted by the Industrial Design Department at the College of Creative Arts, UiTM Kedah Branch, Forum Design Talk: The Future We Want explored insights and discussions on the innovative future of design. The event featured two panelists, Dr Hasnul Azwan Azizan and Dr Nurul ‘Ayn Ahmad Sayuti, who discussed various aspects of design and its future.

World Industrial Design Day – The Malaysian Chapter

Country: Malaysia

The Industrial Design Department at the College of Creative Arts, UiTM celebrated World Industrial Design Day 2023 with a series of in-person and virtual events from 19-29 June exploring design’s contribution to The Future We Want.

IDxConversations: Design’s New Purpose

Country: Philippines

Hosted by WDO Member Design Centre of the Philippines, IDxConversations: Design’s New Purpose was an online conversation on 29 June featuring five Filipino design leaders and game changers who are stepping up in their design approach to shape The Future We Want.


Country: Saudi Arabia

On the occasion of World Industrial Design Day 2023, WDO Member ArchiNet celebrated by highlighting the story of designer Hussain Harba across their channels, one of the most recognized Arab designers from Iraq who transitioned from architecture to product and fashion design.

Circular Design Challenge

Country: Spain

Hosted by WDO Member Andreu World, the Circular Design Challenge is an initiative which reflects the company’s goals to observe an entirely circular production model by 2025. From design, to manufacturing to distribution, Andreu World called on the entire industry to participate in this challenge for World Industrial Design Day 2023.

WIDD in Taiwan

Country: Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

WDO Member 5% Design Action celebrated World Industrial Design Day 2023 by bringing their design team together for discussions around what kind of future they are each designing for. They also encouraged the larger design community in Taiwan to get involved in this year’s celebrations.

Dünya Endüstriyel Tasarım Günü Kutlamasına Davetlisiniz

Country: Turkey

WDO Member ETMK celebrated World Industrial Design Day by hosting an event for all their members and colleagues on 29 June in Istanbul, featuring speeches from local design leaders, panel discussions exploring The Future We Want and networking opportunities.