WIDD 2020 Events and Mini-jams

2020 Work-In-Progress (virtual) Exhibition

Country: Australia

The 2020 Product+Industrial Design Work-In-Progress Exhibition for 2020 showcases student work from both the undergraduate product design and post-graduate industrial design programmes at UniSA. Student projects completed from the first semester of 2020 from all year levels will be on display. The WIP exhibition provides an insight into the design processes students take while working on a diverse array of projects including domestic appliances, systems to reduce food waste, furniture and electric cars.

Panel Discussion

Country: Australia

The QUT panel will explore the benefits of design in the everyday products we take for granted, as well as the sustainability challenges they pose. This free zoom event is open to students and designers across Australia. It will include discussions on the broader design industry and the impact of Covid-19 and design practice into the future.

Online exhibition: Design for everyday life

Country: Colombia

An online exhibition of both products and objects developed by students at I.D. program at Universidad de Nariño, Colombia. Projects show a variety of products designed for improving every day life, and objects show some daily items that had helped students activities during the lock down.

Online dialogues

Country: Costa Rica

On the occasion of the celebration of World Industrial Design Day in conjunction with the School of Engineering in Industrial Design, Aseidi Industrial Design and ACIDI we will be offering a series of online dialogues through the Zoom platform. We will have national and international exhibitors in the field of Design.

Drill Challenge: Lockdown edition 2020

Country: Ecuador

A multi-day event with different trials, at the end of which we solved a particular challenge. The theme this year was food design and fodo delivery to communicate feelings and experiences.

Webinar: El rol del diseñador de productos ante una crisis económica y social

Country: El Salvador

Webinar where the challenges of product designers are addressed in the face of an economic and social crisis, to generate reflection and opportunities for improvement.

Panel discussion: “Historia y actividad del diseño industrial latinoamericano”

Country: Guatemala

Panel discussion reflecting on Latin American industrial design history from three geographical perspectives: Guatemala, Colombia and Argentina.
The panel will be made up of: Ovidio Morales Calderón (Guatemala), Alejo García de la Cárcova (Argentina), and Mark Michael Betts (Colombia), as moderator: Gloria Escobar (Guatemala). Theories and results of research and analysis carried out by the panelists will be discussed.


Country: India

To celebrate 29 June’s World Industrial Design Day, WDO President-Elect and VP of Global R&D at Tupperware, David Kusuma joins us! The show is brought to you by Avantika University, India’s first Design Centred University which offers a unique education programme in both these domains.

Online design competition

Country: Indonesia

Indosat Ooredoo Involved in International WIDD proclamation 2020. We Create Innovation Competition with “Design for Everyday Life” theme. This event Already Launch on 5 June 2020 for starting the submission with 4 topics : Design for new normal life in office, Design for new normal life in open public area, Design for new normal life in school, Design new normal life for religious activities.


Country: Indonesia

This event is a 13-hour Webinar and Instagram Talks Marathon initiated and organized by 16 design communities from several cities in Indonesia.

Conversation with designers

Country: Iran

The Scientific Association of Industrial Design of Science and Industry will be held on the occasion of World Industrial Design Day. There will be a series of live conversations with designers to mark the occasion.

Corona virus Challenge Design Competition

Country: Iran

Batis company, as a manufacturer of door handles, is trying to produce a design tender to produce a tool to prevent the transmission of coronavirus through door handles.

HOW WILL WE DESIGN? A dialogue with Luisa Bocchietto and Karl Stocker

Country: Italy

Accademia Unidee joins the #WIDD2020 with an online dialogue between Luisa Bocchietto and Karl Stocker. The topic of World Industrial Design Day 2020 is “Design for everyday life”. During the dialogue both the panelists will unpack the connections between Sustainability, Democracy and Design.

WIDD2020 Japan Member Design Dialogue

Country: Japan

A dialogue between the professional designer from WDO professional member and students from WDO educational members about what DESIGN could contribute for the rapidly transitioned “new normal” society after/with the COVID-19 disaster.

Webinar “The Future of Packaging” 

Country: Mexico

Live streaming on Facebook and Zoom, IAPRI Mexico is hosting a webinar on the Future of Packaging. Four speakers, Srini Srinivasan, President of WDO, Michaël Nieuwesteeg, Managing Director of NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre, Dan Felton, Executive Director of the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN) and Christine Lopes of Innova Market Insights will take part in the webinar on 29 June, World Industrial Design Day.


Country: Morocco

How design can help the economic development of Morocco and Africa as an economic lever and an area with high added value for Brands, Industry, Craft, Tourism, Education, Digital, Innovation

Train the Trainer

Country: Netherlands/Global

Learn about our annual Global Goal Jam; what it is, why we started, and most importantly, how to do it yourself! In the light of World Industrial Design Day, we are hosting an open Train the Trainer for the WDO community. Do you want to learn how to design for and with the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Or are you curious how to collaborate and co-create in an online space, using digital tools? Then this short inspiration session is for you!

WIDD 2020: Today & Beyond – Virtual series of talks, panel discussions, workshops, a competition, and an exhibit from June 29 – July 3

Country: Philippines

The Benildean Industrial Designers in partnership with the Design Center of the Philippines, proudly presents WIDD 2020: Today & Beyond. This collaborative event is a week-long celebration of the field of industrial design that will happen online from June 29, 2020 to July 3, 2020.


Country: Philippines

Life in a precarious world now obliges Filipinos to look to design to shape the future. How things and machines are made matter so much, now, in how massive change is managed. In IDxConversations happening 29 June, we celebrate the power of industrial design and its role in shaping an ideal new normal.

Virtual Conference

Country: Russia

On June 29, streaming online for all Russian designers and design enthusiasts, 2050 lab, together with Autodesk, TM Holding and ItalDesign is holding a digital conference presenting global research on the industrial design market and making a special announcement.


Country: Russia

International Public Association “Union of designers”, Association of Industrial Designers and the Russian Academy of Artists present a round table / Public talk dedicated to the World Industrial Design Day.

We Are Designer

Country: South Korea

In commemoration of the 2020 World Industrial Design Day (June 29), this event aims to help promote job value and raise job satisfaction/expectation. It will also be the launch of programme that will sustain interaction and communication between industrial designers and graphic designers, especially those who work in freelance. This will be the first step towards providing practical help to designers, freelance, corporate or those in design-related industries. The emphasis on young designers makes, “”We Are Designer”” unique in Korea.

BEGIHANDI online World Industrial Design Day 2020

Country: Spain

This time we have organized a special Begihandi to celebrate the “World Industrial Design Day 2020”, in which two product designers with extensive experience will chat with each other and share their experiences: Laxmi Nazabal of Muka Design Lab and Silvia Ceñal of Silvia Ceñal Design Studio


Country: Taiwan, Chinese Taipei

This workshop is one of several to brainstorm a blueprint to be presented to the government. By collecting ideas, opinions, case studies from those with different backgrounds and knowledge across design sectors, we can illustrate how design can improve quality of life in Taiwan.

Facebook like: Industrial Design in Venezuela (in 60 minutes!)

Country: Venezuela

Three industrial designers and an architect are participating in a live conversation on industrial design in Venezuela. Presenters include, Ma. Virginia Altuve, Antonio Garcia Rico, Juan Pablo Quintero and Sergio Alonso.

The power of design for everyday life-ONE PRODUCT, ONE PERSON, AND ONE PHOTO

Country: Taiwan, Chinese Taipei

Each member choose ONE PRODUCT which had improved his/her life a lot during this hard period of confinement/quarantine. Taking ONE PHOTO which has the product, event image board, and himself/herself. Sharing this photo with his/her feeling about this product and hashtag on the Facebook personal page and CIDA’s fan page. We also discuss on each other’s comment, to help grow this initaitive. Therefore, more and more people will follow this #WIDD2020

WIDD 2020 Celebration in TURKEY bu ETMK

Country: Turkey

Total 5 hours online panels, seminars, instagram lives

Design for Everyday Life

Country: N/A

We organized an exciting contest where we presented our Patents and Designs team through a unique collage on LinkedIn. Each member showcased a design article at home. The image also carried more hidden industrial design elements that the participants needed to identify. The event highlighted the theme of the World Industrial Day 2020- “Design for Everyday Life”, bringing to the fore the importance of design in our lives, how the ubiquitous attribute of design is often overlooked and why recognizing the value and benefits of design on the products and services that make our lives easier and more efficient needs to be celebrated.

Flying Objects

Country: Hungary

Three design studios will each present a subjective mini video demonstrating how design is an integral part of every second of our lives to mark World Industrial Design Day. These videos are a joint effort between the Hungarian Design Council and Budapest Design Days held in October. Videos are all online.

The New New

Country: Lola-Montez in Frankfurt, Germany

The New New. Chance or Wishful Thinking?’. Under the conditions of SARS-CoV-2 we would like to explore the questions of the value, role and responsibility of design today.