As a World Design Capital, designated cities have the opportunity to showcase accomplishments in design and urban policy and can expect to:

Gain visibility as a centre for creativity and innovation

Attract investment and creative people

Stimulate new partnerships

Strengthen knowledge-based economic development

Improve the quality of life in the city

Position the city as a leading centre of design

Build global image as a must-see travel destination

Take part in an international network of design

Foster citizen pride in their city’s triumphs

Impacts of the WDC Programme on past WDC cities

In each of the past designated cities, the WDC Programme initiated change, transformed cities and impacted the quality of life in one way or another. Here’s how the programme brought design forward to create positive impacts in:

WDC Torino 2008

WDC Seoul 2010

WDC Helsinki 2012

WDC Cape Town 2014

WDC Taipei 2016

WDC Lille Metropole 2020