• Project Leader

    Geoff Revell

  • Organisation


  • Designed By

    Jeff Chapin

  • Project Location

    Vietnam and Cambodia

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The HappyTap is revolutionizing the way we tackle a serious global issue – infectious disease. It’s not a new type of antibiotic or clinical therapy, but a portable plastic sink that brings water and soap together in a convenient and attractive place. How can such a simple product make a difference? Because handwashing is the do-it-yourself vaccine that can prevent global pandemic flu, antibiotic-resistant infections, cholera and other deadly infections.

Dirty hands are making us really sick. Every year hundreds of thousands of families lose a child to diarrhea, often caused by fecal-oral contamination – a fancy way of saying we’re ingesting bacteria that’s on our hands. A simple solution is washing them. But for decades conventional efforts to promote handwashing focused on building awareness and providing an old bucket. People want better and the HappyTap was designed with them in mind.

The HappyTap is the first ever mass-produced handwashing device that is not only affordable but that children love to use. Already, thousands of children and families are using them across Vietnam and Cambodia. No more dirty buckets. No more makeshift solutions. A simple turn of the bright green tap could save hundreds of thousands of lives.