World Design Organization (WDO)® opened a competition for design students to submit a proposal for the World Design Impact Prize trophy before 31 May 2021.The call was open to all design students (Bachelor, Masters or PhD) currently enrolled at a WDO Educational Member institution.

In July 2021, the trophy design of Ms. Subin Doo, a third year industrial design student at Carleton University (Canada) was announced as the winner of the World Design Impact Prize™ Student Trophy Competition. Incorporating sustainable materials, and a simple yet impactful aesthetic, Doo’s trophy design offers a combination of creativity and structure that showcased four poles, each representing one of four pillars of sustainability.

The trophy concept also includes a glass cone that can be customized to contain materials that compliment the winning project. As stated by Ms. Doo, “the trophy design illustrates the four pillars as the foundation and framework that interdependently hold our lives together.”

Over the coming months, Ms. Doo’s trophy design will be produced and presented to the winner of the World Design Impact Prize 2021.

About the designer

Subin Doo is an Industrial Design student at Carleton University (Canada). She immigrated from South Korea to Canada in 2008, moving to Ottawa in 2018 to pursue her passion for industrial design at Carleton. With an interest in transforming her creativity into tangible and intangible goods, Subin hopes to establish a career in product design and user experience research after completing her degree next year. 

Subin believes subtle changes can make a profound impact on the end users’ lives, thus her goal as a designer is to establish a style of her own that sparks a balance between aesthetics and usability. 

Members of WDO’s Board of Directors, namely those comprising the Education Committee, will judge the competition and select a winner. This jury represents a distinguished group with varied expertise in the areas of design and education.

Srini Srinivasan

Yongqi Lou
Dean and Professor
College of Design and Innovation
Tongji University (China)

Pier Paolo Peruccio
Associate Professor of Design
Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

Pradyumna Vyas
Senior Advisor
Confederation of Indian Industry (India)

Martha Zarza
Professor and Head of the School of Architecture and Design
Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (Mexico)