• Project Leader

    Stephen Katsaros

  • Organisation

    Nokero International LTD.

  • Designed By

    Stephen Katsarso

  • Project Location

    United States

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  • Name of nominating Icsid Member organisation

    ArtCenter College of Design

The Nokero solar light bulb is an all-in-one photovoltaic LED lighting system that is sleek, portable, and iconic. What makes it special, however, is that it is humanity’s best chance at ending the dangerous and harmful practice of burning kerosene for light.

The Nokero N200 is an achievement in industrial design, not only for its ingenious simplicity and its cutting-edge technology, but for its affordability. By implementing the principles of social entrepreneurship, Nokero has streamlined its business model and manufacturing techniques, so we can offer the Nokero N200 at 40% less than any similar light. Almost 100,000 bulbs are already in use in more than 90 countries, and multiple governments are employing the Nokero solar light as humanitarian aid to people who would otherwise burn expensive fossil fuels for light.

The use of Kerosene is a shockingly large problem in the world today. Kerosene and other fossil fuel lamps are still use by ¼ of the world’s population. More than 1 million die each year in fires started by fuel lighting implements, and another million die from illnesses related to indoor air pollution. Living with a kerosene lamp is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day, creating health problems for the students who must study by a single dim flame each night. Furthermore, the fuel for those lights cost precious money, whereas charging the Nokero solar light is free. The bulb pays for itself in days, weeks, or months, depending on local economic conditions, yet the bulb lasts for years.