• Project Leader

    Cameron Sinclair

  • Organisation


  • Designed By

    Pouya Khazaeli

  • Project Location

    Zaatari Refugee Camp (Jordan)

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These revolutionary re-deployable structures can be adapted to the needs of individual communities, so they could become a house, a clinic or a school.

Location: Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan
Function of the presented project: School
Built by: Pilosio Building Peace and Syrian refugees from the Za’atari Refugee Camp
Total Construction Cost: 30,000 Euros
Size: 16m x 16m

Highlights: Built without electricity or water. Constructed by Syrian refugees with no prior knowledge of construction. Completed in 2 weeks but 9 paid laborers working 6 hours a day – 756 hours in total. The 16m x 16m structure will be used by 120 kids to get education in double shifts.

The project combines natural elements like gravel, and typical items and accessories for construction like scaffolding tubes and, above all, the labor of the refugees themselves. The contribution of 10 laborers in assembling this very simple, quick and intuitive structure ensures that they once again feel in charge of their own destiny.

Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action: To make education accessible to Syrian kids living in the Refugee Camps through the construction of re-deployable, modular, self-built, environmentally friendly, durable and community-oriented structures.