• Project Leader

    Roger Ball

  • Organisation

    Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Designed By

    Roger Ball

  • Project Location

    Hong Kong SAR

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  • Name of nominating Icsid Member organisation

    Delft University of Technology

SizeChina created the first-ever 3D digital database of Chinese head and face shapes. Consumer products such as sunglasses, motorcycle s helmets and surgical face masks are designed using data from Western sources, which fails to satisfy the criteria for good fit for Asian users. SizeChina meets the design need for accurate data, offering a series of practical, scientifically accurate design tools designed for easy use by entrepreneurs developing the first generation of true Asian fit products. SizeChina design tools include physical headforms and faceforms, plus a 3D digital archive of over 1700 individual scans. These tools offer applications in optical, medical, sports, and the entertainment industries.

Effects of the Design

  • Asian Shape. SizeChina has demonstrated that the difference between the shape of Asian and Western heads is even larger than suspected. The design of products like helmets, hygienic facemasks and eyewear requires a radical rethinking from first principles.
  • Asian Aesthetics. The aesthetic direction of Western head and has developed from the underlying Caucasian shape. The wider Asian head and face calls for an entirely new approach to product aesthetics.
  • Asian Design Research. The SizeChina project has made a significant step towards creating a complete database of Asian body shapes. The next step is to fully digitally map the entire Asian body shape. The success of SizeChina will stimulate important new design research across Asia.