Warka Water

  • Project Leader

    Arturo Vittori

  • Organisation

    Warka Water Inc.

  • Designed By

    Architecture and Vision

  • Project Location

    Dorze (Ethiopia)

  • Project website


Warka Water (WW) is an alternative water source designed to serve rural populations located in isolated regions where conventional pipelines and infrastructures will never reach and where water is not available from wells. WW should not be considered the solution to all water problems in developing countries but rather a tool that works well at providing clean water in specific areas. Those remote communities, often with limited financial means, struggle to find reliable supplies of clean water.

WW not only provides a fundamental resource for life, water, but it incorporate another important function, it is social place for the community where to organize reunions protected under the shade of its canopy. Workshop and educational activities for children will be organized to educate them about the importance of clean safe water and more in general about the renewable resources for a sustainable future.

The project name comes from the Warka tree that is an institution for the Ethiopian culture. Its shade is used for traditional public gatherings, and children reunite for the acquisition of knowledge. We are focused on creating a beautiful yet useful structure that can blend into the natural and cultural environment of the rural communities.