About the challenge


The single-use-plastic waste epidemic is an existential crisis gaining momentum since the 1960s. 800 million tons of plastics leak into the ocean every year: with estimates of more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. Microplastic is already in the air-water we consume. 

The traditional circular economy solutions currently available lack tangible scalable social-financial-environmental infrastructure to incentivize upcycling for both developed and developing communities globally.

About the solution

TRASHPRESSO, by MINIWIZ captures the value of single-use plastic, metal, glass, by transforming industrial and household wastes into sustainable building materials, specialty fabrics, furniture and fixtures. After 15 years of intense research and development, MINIWIZ is making a meaningful difference in many areas particularly in the building and construction industries.

TRASHPRESSO is the world’s first mobile industrial-grade plastic trash upcycling platform, sized as small as two industrial refrigerators. It democratizes the collection, sorting and transformation of waste with minimal air/water footprint and almost 0 impact, with only 7kwh power consumption. It can service a community of up to 10,000 with about 500 kg of plastic waste per day.

TRASHPRESSO generates tangible value through turning single-use plastic trash into valuable applications (building materials, utensils, etc) in a 3-minute cycle.

With the cooperation of public/private institutions, TRASHPRESSO is acting as the catalyst for placemaking projects and sustainable positive gentrifications programmes like building schools with local waste in Tibet, beach cleanup ocean-plastic into floor tiles for community centers in Sardinia. Its end product of upcycled waste is currently being utilized in 300,000 sqm of commercial retail, hotels and offices across major international cities and by global brands such as Nike, Philip Morris, Jackie Chan, Nat Geo.

TP engages grassroots communities with over 500 days of gamified activities, educational events, creative workshops inspiring consumers to bring in their own personal plastic waste to produce their own unique durable product to take home immediately. These hands-on campaigns drive adoption to circular consumption behaviour and fulfil MINIWIZ’s desire to: promote positive recycling habits and increase call to action, educate and inspire by highlighting waste issues, recyclability and integrate/demonstrate sustainability and build a deeper sense of community.